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Akemi Marmorkitt Epoxy Filler 150ml

Akemi Epoxy Filler 150ml


Safety sheet for AKEMI MARMORKITT

Akemi Filler 1000s is a stiff paste-like stone filler that does not change its consistency by stirring, keeps its stability even in the case higher temperatures. For bonding and filling of natural stone in a vertical position, joints in granite and marble worktops, for modelling corners, edges, chips and filling large holes. Preserves the natural appearance of the slabs or tiles. Material - Natural stone, Granite, Marble, Travertine, limestone, Concrete ashlar and Terrazzo. Comes with Hardener.


Colours - Jura Yellow (Dark Cream)

£34.95 Including UK Delivery Zone 1 ( click here to see other zones )