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The Stone Cleaning Process

Stone Cleaning

Cleaning Natural Stone Floors

Chemical machine removal and extraction of all dirt and debris from deep in the stone and in the pores. This is done by use of specialist cleaning products that have been tested for the correct stone and then used for the stone that needs to be cleaned, with  floor cleaning machinery. Grout lines are also cleaned with grout brushes. Reaching parts domestic producuts can not!


Stone Repairing

Repairing Natural Stone Floors

Some Natural Stones are soft and have a honeycomb (holes under the surface) make up, so holes and cracks can appear over time, due to mis-use, movement, wrong cleaning products used or just a natural collapse in the stone i.e. Travertine is a honeycomb material and is filled and holes can open up. Holes, cracks and scratches capture dirt and become more noticeable over time. Repairing and filling these with the correct epoxy Stone fillers and resins will make them blend into the stone and in some cases disappear completely.


Stone Polishing

Diamond Polishing Natural Stone Floors

Diamond polishing natural stone floors through the grades removes a fine slither of stone which in turn removes minor scratches, deeper scratches may have to be removed by hand tools. Each stone requires different diamond pads, you can choose between honed a matt finish, to sheen/ shine, to high shine that your stone can achieve. You choose the right finish for your Marble, Travertine or Limestone floors. This process can also be used to bring a high shine to natural stone tiles which were purchased honed. Natural stone can be diamond polished to a beautiful finish.


Stone Sealing

Sealing Natural Stone Floors

To make sure that you keep your floors looking their best for as long as possible we use the very best stone sealers / impregnators we only used tested products from the best companies Lithofin, LTP, Akemi and Fila, we do not use own brand, own made sealers as these do not do as good a job as the manufacturers mentioned. Your floor is buffed and is as beautiful as when it was first laid.


Stone Advice

Caring for your Natural Stone Floors

Caring for your natural stone floor is important, we give you advice on how to care for your natural stone floor and importantly help you with the correct cleaning products. Click here for Stone and Tile Care shop and see the cleaning products for Natural stone.


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