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Travertine Floor Restoration - Chester

"We never use people without a personal recommendation but in this case I said yes - due to the glowing reports from a local customer. Adrian came with all his equipment and a courteous mind set and set to work - 7 hours later we have an amazing floor. Few things can leave my wife speechless - but this did - "I just love this floor" was her comment as she saw the result.   If you had asked me at the beginning that I was going to see this result, I can honestly say that I would have said no - but the result is just stunning. I can wholeheartedly recommend Absolute Granite Care - they deliver a superb result and the process is efficient and courteous. Thank you so much. You have transformed our home."
Tony  Barcroft, Chester

What we say - Thank you Tony, it is our pleasure its what we do restore floor and make them beautiful again.